27 Mar 2024

Chrism Mass

During the Chrism Mass, our Lord asked me to offer Him all the priests and the congregation present in the Church and in all the churches throughout the world.

Our Lord said, “Offer Me everyone. Today is a special celebration because they renew their priestly vows.”

I said, “Lord, I do offer You all that You ask of me—this congregation and those in all the churches throughout the world.”

He said, “My shepherds—they are My chosen ones, and I need them. One day, they will benefit from all this here on earth and in the next life.”

After I received Holy Communion and by offering this to our Lord He said, “Now that you received Me, offer Me specifically for this intention and not for any other. Many good fruits have been produced from this Chrism Mass.”

As our Lord was telling me this, in a vision, I saw beautiful white grapes representing the fruits produced from this offering.

Usually, before each Holy Mass, I make my offering to our Lord for the Holy Souls, for the sick and the dying, but for this Mass, our Lord asked me to specifically offer the Holy Mass for the priests and bishop present.

Lord, we thank You and bless all the priests and bishops.