20th April


Our Lord appeared in the early morning hours. He was standing in a garden near His tomb dressed in a beautiful white robe. The tomb was open. Our Lord was happy. He said, “Be joyous and happy, my child, and praise me for my resurrection. Each year my resurrection brings new meaning in life for those who believe in me. For some people I am still dead and I never existed. How sad that makes me.”

On the right side, I saw a beautiful garden, the birds were singing everything was green and the trees were blooming. I saw the open tomb and Our Lord was standing in a beautiful white robe. Then I saw not far from the Lord a high pile of dirt and rubbish. Our Lord explained. He pointed to the high mound of dirt and said, “See, my child, this is the high mountain of dirt. It shows you that people continuously come to get this dirt which represents sin, instead of coming to me for life that only I can offer you in abundance. They go to the dirt and filth. How sad I am to see humanity living in this darkness and not in the light of truth. Please console me by talking to people to change and pray that soon I will send the Holy Spirit to purify the hearts of people of all nations.”

Our Lord looked at me with a sad smile and said, “Valentina, my child, praise me today. Sing a canticle for your risen Lord, for I truly am risen.

Alleluia, Alleluia. For I am truly risen, Alleluia.”

I said, “I love you and praise you, my risen Lord.”