17th April


Message 1:

Holy Thursday celebration of the Last Supper. In the church Our Lord Jesus said, “My loving child, Valentina. Stay with me, this hour of my agony. How I suffer. They beat me and scourged me like an animal and threw me in a cold cellar prison, the man, full of sorrow, agony and blood. I endure all for you, my children. The temptation of the sin of the flesh offends me so much. Even today in the world it is worse than ever before.”

He continued, “Please, my child, console me. Speak of my infinite love and mercy. Tell people to confess their sins and not be afraid to come to me. I am full of mercy and compassion. I will forgive when they come to ask me.”

How much we offend Our God. He is very sensitive and understanding. When we sin and never repent we hurt His Merciful Heart, full of love and pity for all of us. Please confess and stop offending Our Lord.

Message 2:

While waiting to be served in a shopping mall. I watched the people and wondered if they all understood the meaning of Easter. Suddenly I felt someone close beside me and I turned but all I saw was a white sleeve close to my shoulder. Then a feeling of joy flooded over me and I knew that Lord Jesus was present.

Then Our Lord said, “My child, love never ends. It circles around always. Since you offer yourself to me early in the morning, then I am the one who guides you everywhere you go, or that oneness, that intimate relation between us, that trust in the Creator that I want to assure with my poor children, but so few listen.”

He continued, “Valentina, bring me a sinner. I will bless you even more. When we pass a busy crowd, offer me everyone. I am waiting for you to do this. You don’t know the joy you will give me. Be one with Me and love Me, my child, love Me for others.”
I felt so happy and emotional for the Lord who loves us so much. Please come to know Him, He will bless you. I replied, “Thankyou, my Lord Jesus. I love you so much!”