7th April

Our Lord Jesus asked me twice today if I want to come to Heaven. He asked me in the morning and then again in church after receiving Holy Communion.

He said, “Valentina, my child, I want to explain to you why I asked you twice today, If you want to come to Heaven. When I lived on earth and chose my Twelve, I taught them everything. I spoke to them about Heaven. We loved to be together and the time was passing quickly, and drawing nearer for me to leave them. I again said to them, “soon I will leave you.” “Rabbi, teacher, where will you go? Why would you leave us?” They asked Me.

“They thought I would move somewhere else. Their faces were very sad. I told them, “Where I am going, you cannot come, not yet but soon. One day you will follow me. I am going ahead of you to prepare a place for you all. Where my Father is, there are many rooms for you for my Father loves you all.”

“My child, it is the same today in the world. No different to when I lived on earth. Continuously, I speak through my chosen souls and I desire all my children to come to Heaven, but sadly, only a few think of Heaven and the after life. They don’t make any effort to come to meet me in Heaven, for the majority think there is nothing after we die. “Generation with no hope” I call them. Rather they live in sin and pleasure. I, the Redeemer, suffer for all humanity.”
He continued, “What I went through to save you. There is no love or gratitude for me. How sad and broken hearted I am. Please, my child, console me. Speak of Heaven to people and the life after with me in Heaven. Tell people how I want everyone to come to me. My Love burns for all my people.”

I said, “I want to speak and encourage others to come to you but not always do they listen. But, Lord, I will try over and over again. We love you. Sweet Jesus, have mercy on us.”