5TH APRIL, 2003

This morning, while praying, Our Lord Jesus came and spoke, “My loving children of My Sacred Heart, don’t be discouraged and depressed when you see all around you negativity. Tell people My reign of peace will soon come on earth.”

“The prophecy must come to pass.” “Right now, I am preparing a new era.”

“You hear all the bad news and you all live in fear. The war is on everyone’s minds. The leaders of the world think they will soon win this war and everything will be alright, but the peace won’t come as easily as they planned. I want all of you to pray harder, especially the Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy.”

“Think of My Passion and Suffering I went through to redeem you, especially now in Lent you all owe Me in return some consolation and love that I give you everyday in your lives.”

“Be at peace, My children, I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

Thankyou, Lord Jesus, Have mercy on us.