31st March

After I had received Holy Communion, I was thanking the Lord for graces received and Our Lord appeared to me very cheerful and happy.

Jesus said, “My child, Valentina, go and announce My coming from the roof tops in a loud voice that My coming is ever so near. Tell My people that the Lord Jesus is coming, to prepare and repent of their sins and to be happy and joyous. Give them hope in these troubled times that you are all going through, I tell you I shall put everything right. I shall restore peace in the world, no more wars and killing people. I shall defeat the enemy, the wicked will not have any more power over the good. My Love shall flourish on this earth. People will praise Me. Their sadness will turn to a beautiful joy and thanksgiving to their God, for He has done all this- to liberate His people from the slavery of evil. Pray, My children, have hope and trust in Me for I know everything.

Be ready to receive Me, pure and holy, repent of all your sins for I will bless even more. Obey Me for I love you all and bless you. Be at Peace and trust in Me, your Jesus.”

I answered, “Have Mercy on us all, I love you, Jesus”.