20th APRIL, 2005

A vision came while I was praying. I had just begun the Creed when Our Lord Jesus came and said, “Peace be with you. My child, I come to bring you good news for a new chapter of the Book has opened. A new Pope is elected and placed on St Peter’s seat for all of you for guidance through these difficult times in which you all live.”

“I tell you. My children, now your faith is safe. Pray, My children, for this new Pope, Benedict. He will have a hard task to fulfil and carry on his duty.”

Jesus was looking at me compassionately and smiling, “Valentina, I myself choose My Popes and place them in the church on earth to represent Me. If they faithfully obey My commands that I give them from the very beginning, it is good for them and for the people, but if they change and disobey My law, it is no good for the Pope or the people. This does not please Me. It is entirely up to the Pope to obey and teach. He has My authority to observe all My commands.”

“For now, you are all safe in your faith. Support him with your prayers. He is surrounded by those who oppose him.”

To describe the vision that I saw: While Jesus was speaking to me, it was outside the Basilica in the Vatican City. Above the dome of St Peter’s, our late Pope John Paul II was standing to the side. He was holding his right hand up in blessing and I saw a soft smile on his now young face. He was near Our Lord Jesus, dressed in a beautiful white chasuble with gold embroidery. His mitre was white, also with beautiful gold lines, each filled with a gold filigree.

Our Lord Jesus was clothed in a glorious deep burgundy robe, depicting His royalty. Previously, He had told me that each church represented a castle, and that He is the King in residence. Our Lord told me that He is very happy with Pope John Paul.