14th May, 2005

At a prayer meeting in Fairfield. A beautiful light shone and then Our Lady appeared. She said, “Tell My children I grieve for the world, especially the third world. People lament when only little things go wrong and they don’t want to put up with it, they ask for prayers to relieve them of these unimportant worries as they only want their lives to run smoothly.” Our Lady is our Heavenly Mother and She loves us all but She wants us to have compassion and think of those who are far worse off than ourselves.

Holy Mary said, “Look at these little children who are sick, persecuted and abandoned. Every minute they are dying by the hundreds, starving to death. How cruel the leaders of the world are. They don’t care for these little abandoned children. The devil tells them to reduce the population so they turn a blind eye and deaf ear to all suffering. I tell you, all these people will have to give an account to God one day for their selfishness.”

Now Our Blessed Mother speaks of the world, “My children, the world you live in is not safe. Dangerous threats are coming from many countries, especially from Iran, Korea and the Middle East.”

“My children, don’t give up your prayers and think all is well. You should all pray unceasingly. My children, you need to wake up and see reality. They talk about peace and say everything is all right.”

“It is false, and there is danger to you all. I don’t want to alarm you, My children, but only to warn you of these disasters. They don’t realise the danger in making these nuclear weapons. They can kill millions.”

“Pray, pray! My children, only God can stop all this. How many times you have been spared by God’s hand. Thank Him always.”

Blessed Mary, Mother of Our Lord was crying for She knows how critical are these times in which we are living. Please, don’t stop praying. God bless you.

Thankyou Blessed Mother, Mary Most Holy.