8th APRIL, 2005

This morning while praying. Holy Mary greeted me and said, “Praised be Jesus.” I answered, “Praised be Jesus forever.”

Blessed Mother Mary was Joyous and happy. She said, “My daughter, this is the great miracle for the world that God revealed for all humanity. They will come in multitudes like a flood to the Holy City of Rome to pay homage to the greatest Pope of these last times in which you are all living.”

“This is the Pope which I was guiding through all these years and telling you how much he is loved by God and Me.”

“My Son Jesus now reveals to the world how much people want to see him and farewell him and be part of all that was happening. This is a period of Biblical history. He touched on the hearts of many people and of all nations.”

“Be happy, not sad for him. He achieved a great mission on earth.”

“My children, you were waiting for such an extraordinary miracle to happen. It was truly the most profound and simple miracle through Pope John Paul II that the world ever experienced. See, My children, how true he was to the Gospel and obedient to all God’s commandments, guided by My Son and Me. He fulfilled his mission and made an ultimate sacrifice for Jesus Christ, only through total obedience through his life. He lived only for God, in atonement offered for God’s glory. This is a great moment in history. Be happy, My children.”

“I love you and bless you. You are not alone. Jesus is with you always. Give Him thanks and praise always.”

Holy Mary repeated again, “This is the Greatest Miracle in History.”
Thankyou, Blessed Mother, for revealing to us this great miracle.