20th April 2015

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta
I was in the Chapel at St Patrick’s Cathedral in Parramatta. A group of angels and saints appeared to me. They said to me, “We were sent by our Lord to explain and show you what our Lord desires to be placed here in this church.”
Suddenly a vision appeared before us. It was a heavenly vision. It was one of the most breathtaking visions that I have ever seen. I saw the wall in front of our Lady of Grace
Chapel vanish. The existing statue of our Lady also vanished. In its place a dome appeared.
The dome was a combination of dazzling marine blue and royal blue colours. The colours
were continuously inter-changing between lighter and darker shades of marine blue and even
evolving into a royal blue colour.
The dome was full of angels moving around. They looked like cherubim. As the colours in the dome were transforming from deeper to lighter shades with brilliant crystal-like effects, so were the angels moving in motion with the changing brilliant effects of light and colour.
The angels and saints then said to me, “After seeing all of these beautiful colours, the best is
yet to come. Now watch!”
All of a sudden our Blessed Mother appeared. She wore a most beautiful gown, with no sash, and wore an elbow-length veil, all in splendid white, like a bride. The vision was absolutely breathtaking.
Her gown and veil were of a brilliant heavenly white with continuous folds of delicate flowing fabric from her head to the ground.
Her hands were joined in prayer. She teaches us to be humble and to pray with hands joined together. Our Blessed Mother had a soft, gentle smile and her eyes were raised to Heaven.
She is full of Grace.
The angel said, “Take a good look and observe our Blessed Mother.”
I said, “She is absolutely beautiful. I have never seen her dressed this way, all in pure white.”
The white represents her purity.
The angel asked me, “Are you happy to see all these beautiful visions that we are showing you?”
I said, “Yes, I am very happy.”
Then they all turned towards me and said, “Now, who is going to tell them (the clergy of this
parish) what our Lord desires for this church, how He wants His holy Mother to be honoured
in this church?”
They all looked at me and smiled, “Who is going to tell them?”
They pointed at me and said, “It is Valentina.”
“Oh, not me,” I said, “They will not listen to me. Even if I tell them they will not listen.”
They all said to me, “It is your duty to tell them, the way our Lord desires and wishes for His
Holy Mother to be honoured in this church in Parramatta.”
Mary, Queen of Angels, pray for us.