5th April 2015


Easter Sunday at St Margaret Mary’s Church in Merrylands
During the Easter Sunday Holy Mass at St Margaret Mary’s Church, our Lord appeared to me. Suddenly, I could see him near the altar. He was in a most brilliant white, and He was very joyful.
During the Mass I could see Him elevated above the main altar. He then instantly transformed into a most beautiful little Easter Lamb, pure white. I could see tied around
His neck a beautiful red ribbon, and beside Him was a small white banner with a red cross.
Appearing with a banner, the Agnus Dei (Latin for “Lamb of God”) represents the Risen
Christ who triumphs over death. It also represents gentleness, tenderness and innocence.
Our Lord spoke to me and said, “Rejoice and be glad My child. Today, is the day that I bring hope and life to the world.”
Then He said, “My child, people ask you, when is our Lord Jesus coming to the world?
There is much confusion in the world today. They make up dates of My coming.
These dates are false.”
Our Lord said, “When people ask you the question, when is our Lord Jesus coming to change the world which is so bad? Tell them that only the Father in Heaven knows when all this will happen. Not Me.”
“Listen to My Father and obey Him. Tell people not to be too curious, but to trust Us and continue to pray.” He said