3rd April 2015

Good Friday
While I was praying, our Lord Jesus appeared to me and said, “Peace be with you My child. I come to tell you, I do not like what I see before Me in the world. It upsets Me very much, so much misery and suffering, persecution of Christians, wars in many countries and the killing of innocent people.”
“This is all happening because humanity and its leaders are cold towards all of these events. They are selfish and greedy. They do not make any effort to stop all of this.”
“My child, think of how I suffer at this moment and how I died for your sins, but the world still denies Me. If it was not for the Sacrifice I made for you, you would all being living in darkness.”
“I did all of this out of My Love for mankind but their hearts remain cold towards God.”
“Because they remain spiritually deaf and blind, they do not see how sad I am. I tell you
My child, I do not like what I see before Me. I do not like the behaviour of the whole world.”
“Tell humanity to change and convert and repent before it is too late.”
Our Lord said, “Come to Me, come under My Holy Cross and ask Me to be merciful. My
Cross is your salvation, the Cross upon which I died for each one of you, to save you from darkness.”
Be merciful to us Lord Jesus.