20th February, 2005

Our Lord Jesus said, while I was praying, thanking Him for sending Pierre and Jacek, “Valentina, tell Pierre and Jacek, that we are fully supporting them for the work they are doing by spreading and promoting the Holy Eucharist news to the people. Where ever you are going, I am protecting you. Also My beloved Mother and St. Michael are travelling with you to encourage you on your journey and protecting you from all evil snares.”

Our Lord was smiling and said, “I tell you, My children, that I bless you and tell you, all the good works you are doing, one day you shall sit on My right side in Heaven. Whoever listens to the word you are teaching them, I promise they shall also be on My right side in Heaven. Be courageous. My children, spread the good word. My blessing goes with you.”

Thankyou, Sweet Jesus, Holy Mother and Holy Archangel Michael.