30th JANUARY, 2005

Our Lord Jesus showed me in a church what it will be like in the near future in all the churches.

He said, “My churches are persecuted and it will get worse yet. They are under attack by the devil and they are in a spiritual battle between good and evil.”

“Many changes are everywhere worldwide that what I see shocks Me. My followers. My Bishops and Priests are not truthful and are unfaithful to Me.”

“Many antichrists will rise up and they will cover what they are doing, but they cannot fool Me, their God. They can fool men but not God. I see everything.”

“Valentina, My churches are persecuted but I will allow this to happen. Because I suffered, the church must suffer for Me.” He lowered His hand and said, “Right down to the ground, but the devil will not destroy My church, for I will not permit him to do so.”

“I Myself, shall purify My church and will raise her up to the most high and it will shine and gleam with Holiness. My people will praise Me and give Me glory for what I have done.”

“See, My child, I give you a glimpse of what you will see around My altar. Not one Priest, but many to celebrate the proper Mass. Bishops and Priests gathered round the table with deeper devotion. They will praise and give glory to the most Holy and High Priest. To God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost who live and reign forever and ever. Amen. Amen. Amen. Then Jesus said, “Only then will people have and learn to have deeper reverence to love and bless Me.”

My Lord and My God, may everyone soon love You and give You glory and praise forever.

Our Lord is happy and cheerful for the future to come. Our Lord always asks us to pray for clergy everywhere, for in the churches there is now a thick black smoke. This refers to our sin.