21 January 2022

Cenacle Prayer Group

After Holy Mass today, we gathered together in the Chapel to start the Cenacle Rosary. This is our first gathering in the New Year.

As soon as I kneeled, our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother appeared. They both smiled and were very cheerful and happy. With open outstretched arms, our Lord Jesus said, “Welcome My children to our presence. We are waiting for you. It is such a delight to see you all and to have you here in our presence. For you have been absent for a period of time, but now that you are here, I bless you, and I would like to ask you to pray for the world.

“The world is in terrible chaos. There is so much confusion with these Corona injections they offer to people, and people are not in peace. They live in fear because they, the government, constantly suppress you and tell you to obey them, but My children, I tell you they are lying to you. Have strong faith in Me. Prayer is the only solution, and trust in Me. I Am always present, and I will never abandon you,” said our Lord.

Whenever people gather in prayer to pray the Holy Rosary, it is for everyone that our Lord speaks to me. We are all united in prayer to our Lord Jesus, our Saviour. Do not despair. All the Sin and negativity surrounding us are a heavy burden and bring on depression and sadness. Have strong faith and trust in our Lord. He will bless you and protect you.

Lord Jesus, thank you for your blessings.