23 January 2022

Not enough prayer comes to Heaven

Today, during Holy Mass, at the Elevation of the Bread and Wine, our Lord Jesus said, “I Am sorry to tell you they are preparing a war, a full-on escalation. They are determined to do evil.”

He said, “This year alone, My children, I Am very sorry to tell you and warn you, it won’t be a good year. There will be many conflicts and much suffering in the world, but I want you to remain faithful to Me, and with all your strength, to hang onto Me; otherwise, you will be very upset and depressed.”

“They now lie to you about many things. You are living in terrible lying times. They tell you they have no drivers to deliver your food to the supermarkets; they are lying to you. There is still plenty of food, but they want to distribute less and less. They want to control you with all kinds of things, and they want to make sure they shrink supplies so that you won’t have everything.”

“You must remain faithful to Me, I want you to pray very hard so that you will still obtain My Mercy, but at the same time, humanity will be degraded, right down to the ground. For that reason, I want you to remain strong, repent of your sins and come back to Me. I Am the only Saviour.”

I was so sad when our Lord was telling me all of this. I pleaded with our Lord and said, “Lord Jesus, why do You permit this? Can’t You stop this? The world will be in the worst state.”

Our Lord answered, “Not enough prayer comes to Heaven, and it is like this all the time. Only a very few people pray to Me devotedly. There is not enough prayer, and people are too proud of themselves and blind to the danger. But the times are coming where they will control you more and more and suppress you more.”

“So, I want you to remain faithful to Me and very, very close to Me. Pray, My children and trust Me because there will be changes everywhere, even in the churches.”

Lord Jesus have mercy on us and on the whole world.