21st April

Blessed Mother appeared saying, “My dear children, I your Mother want good for you and to lead you to My Son the Saviour of all, but you don’t listen and obey Me. Time after time I come to remind you to pray and to turn away from the worldly materialism You are so preoccupied with it that you give God so little attention. My child, you see disasters that people experience, killing innocence. The devil is strong in these times and tries to posses souls. I must remind you that these disasters will continue, not only in America but everywhere in the world.

My children, guard yourselves with the Holy Rosary. Pray, pray. Don’t waste your precious time with useless things, which are no good for you. I beg you My children, listen to me and my messages as a true word from God. I love you and I want good for you.” She smiled and I replied, “Thankyou Blessed Mother for your care towards us.”