28th May, 1995

In the morning while praying, an Angel appeared. He smiled and said to me, “Come with me. Our Lord wants to explain things to you which you don’t understand as yet.”
In a split second, we were out of my house. A beautiful pure white staircase appeared in front of us. From the very first step, there were Angels, clothed in a myriad of soft pale colours, kneeling or sitting on each side, looking up to Heaven and smiling as the Angel and I walked up. I felt very privileged and happy to be on these stairs as I had heard so much about them. I thought, ‘This is a reality.’

The Angel with me was also very joyous. As we approached very high up, I noticed a beautiful building with a wide gothic door, opened wide, at the top of the stairs.
In front of the doorway, Our Lord was seated on the sapphire throne surrounded by the seven Archangels. He was dressed in royal garments of a dusty blue in colour. They were all laughing as we approached.

Our Lord smiled and held out His holy arms to me. I fell down, glorifying Him saying, “Praise to You, Lord Jesus, may You be praised forever.” I stood and placed my hands in His and He said, “See, My child, I want to explain things to you that you don’t understand yet. See, every night in your prayers you thank Me and you offer everyone to Me and ask Me to bless them. And again, in the morning in your prayers, you offer them again to Me and then you say to Me, ‘let it be Your holy will’ and then you go about your daily tasks, to Mass, then you gather with your friends. They talk, sometimes they argue and you withdraw from them, praying, ‘Lord, please give them peace. This is not Your holy will what they are doing.”

Our Lord then stood up and said, “My child, don’t be upset. Whatever you encounter through the day is My holy will, whether good or bad. Each time you pray to Me, or you want to tell Me something, you ascend these stairs to speak to Me. Sometimes you are only halfway down when you remember something which you forgot to tell Me, so, you run back to Me.”

Our Lord and the Angels started laughing and I laughed with them. He then said, “My child, I wish all My children on earth were like you, always running to Me. I would be the happiest God. You see these stairs. Sometimes you are running up and down a hundred times, telling Me all. Sometimes I am waiting here, because I know you are coming back.”

He pointed to the Angels seated on the stairs. I say to them, “Move, here she comes again. So they move to left and right to allow you space to approach me.” At the same time, Our Lord showed me in a vision how I am running up and down. I am looking at the Angels as much to say, ‘it is not you I want to see, it is My Lord.’ Then Our Lord said, “I guarantee you, My child, it is My will, whatever you are doing, don’t be afraid.”

After all this, the Angel accompanied me back down the stairs. On the last step he stopped, smiling, and said to me, “You know, my Lord laughs many times on your account. You make Him very happy. Momentarily, you make Him forget about the bad things happening in the world. The Lord Jesus says He wishes that we would all be like little children and come to Him, because this pleases Him very much.”

I said, “My Lord, where can I turn or where can I go when my heart aches and it is sorrowful and full of misery? When things go wrong in my everyday life, only to You, my heart runs to You, and I trust only in You. When I lament myself to You like a little child to a father, when I tell You all that is, I know You are merciful and full of love towards me.

Thankyou, my loving God for so many graces and infinite love and most of all for Your patience toward me. I will love and praise You forever, my Lord.

My Lord, I will run everyday to You no matter how silly it may appear to the Angels. I will offer everything to You and tell You everything, and pray for everyone. So many people are suffering and they need Your help. Most of all I will ask You to have mercy on all of us. Nothing will stop me, until one day, You will say to me, ‘My child, this is your last journey. You can stay with Me.’ That will be the happiest day of my life.