4th June

The promise, our Lord Jesus gave to me.

“Tell everyone to venerate my Sacred Heart. Tell them to place My picture of the Sacred Heart in their most visible spot. Tell them to come to Me and to pray to Me. My Sacred Heart is full of mercy and lave for all. I give this promise – who ever will venerate my sacred heart and pray sincerely that person will receive special graces. For instance if the whole life the person was smoking, drinking or was a drug addict and had any other bad habits which they themselves cannot rid themselves of. When that person will sincerely ask me and honour My Sacred Heart, that person will be cured instantly and not remember or desire these things, because the desire to have them will Be taken away. I would urge people to honour Me more and not only now during the month of June – But every day! I bless all the families and their homes who ever venerate and glorify Me.”

I replied, “Thank you My most Sacred Heart of Jesus full of mercy and goodness.”