22 JANUARY, 2012

At St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta

During Holy Mass, whilst Father Suresh was placing Holy Communion on the patens in preparation for distribution of the Holy Communion, Our Lord suddenly appeared next to him and was helping him.

“Oh my Lord”, I said “You are here, truly present.” Our Lord then said to me, “Tell Father Suresh I Am here with him because he believes I Am truly present in the Holy Eucharist. That is why I come to him.”

Our Lord said, “Not many priests believe in My True Presence. That makes Me very sad. Pray for them.” Jesus was dressed all in white. His hair was a lighter colour and glowing reflecting His holiness.

Thank You Lord for giving encouragement to Your Priests.

After receiving Holy Communion Our Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, I am scourged every time Holy Communion is served because people receive Me in the hand without any repentance or reverence as if they are receiving a sweet or biscuit. So much I am sacrileged in the Holy Eucharist.”

Because of this Sacrilege many signs have been given to the world to change and repent before My Second Coming.

Jesus then became more cheerful. He wants us to have hope in Him.