20 JANUARY, 2012

I had never felt so down or depressed as I did during this whole week. I was under spiritual attack. I found it difficult to pray. I didn’t want to meet people.

All of a sudden in the morning, Our Lord Jesus appeared to me. He was dressed in a white garment with a most beautiful green stole around His Neck. The green stole had a mixture of silver and gold threading throughout to give a most brilliant shimmer as He moved towards me.

He said, “Come here My Child, come and I will pray over you and bless you.” Then He told me to bow my head and He placed His Holy Hands upon my head and said, “I come to bless you and tell you that you have a lot of enemies around you. They try to harm you and wish evil upon you, but they cannot harm you because I Am always with you.”

As He placed His Holy Hands upon my head I felt like a big rock was lifted from me. I felt reborn again, relieved and light. I thanked Him so much and was so grateful.

I thought to myself, the oppression must have been so great for the Lord Himself to come to me. I praised Him and thanked Him so much.

As I turned around, I saw a vision of a message typed in black ink, sitting on top of a coffee table. Jesus said to me as He pointed with His Holy Finger to the message, “See, there is the message that you haven’t even written yet.”

In my heart I felt a little piercing pain, because the Lord had reminded me of something that I had not completed yet.