6 JANUARY, 2012

The Epiphany

In the morning, the Angel came and took me to visit the Holy Souls suffering in Purgatory. There were many of them. I said to the Angel, “I thought they had all gone to Heaven for Christmas since this was the day that most Souls were released from Purgatory.”

I couldn’t believe there were so many there. The Angel said, “Many were raised to Heaven but many remained behind because they have not yet been purified. That is why I brought you here so that you could help them with your prayers and suffering in order to relieve their pain.

It was a very depressing place, grey with damp surrounding. The Holy Souls looked very sad. The Angel said, “They offended God very much so they need a longer time to be purified. Most of them were not charitable towards others during their lifetime. They were selfish. They had to learn in Purgatory. As much as I was sad for them I was happy that they were saved from eternal damnation.

The Holy Souls did not talk to us but just looked at us with much sadness. The Angel said, “Come, we can’t stay too long, we have to go.” Then he said to me, “I will take you to the place where all this depression and heaviness will be lifted from you.”

All of a sudden we were lifted up, it felt like we ascended wooden steps. The Angel then said to me, “Wait here and kneel down.”

Before me was a white house. The Angel entered the house. While I was kneeling, in front of me appeared something like a small fish tank. There was a low level of water in the tank. The water was generally clear but there were very dirty stains around the glass of the tank and also there was black sediment on the bottom of the tank. I was thinking to myself, “While I am waiting for the Angel to come back I better clean this.” I proceeded to do so.

The Angel did not return from the white house, instead a young boy (aged about nine or ten) came out and sat next to me, beside the tank. He was all in white. At first I thought this was a little angel, but then He smiled at me and asked, “Are you doing some cleaning?” I said, “Oh yes, I’m trying to make the glass look nice and clean.”

As He slowly turned His Head, I could see a beautiful glow on His Holy Cheeks. I understood then that He was Our Lord Jesus Christ as a young boy. He said to me, smiling, “When you were young did you help your mother with chores around the house?” I said, “Oh yes, always, otherwise she would scream at us.” Then I said to Him, “What about You, did You help Your Mother?” He said, “Yes, I always helped My Mother and I was always obedient to her.” He said to me, “Do you know young people in the world today, they don’t obey and respect their parents. It is very sad.”

Whilst He was telling me that, I was thinking, “Yes, they like the good life and entertainment. They don’t like to be taught discipline by their parents.” He said, “Hopefully one day they will be better, but you must pray for them.”

Our Lord Jesus said, “Now I have to visit three countries to educate people.” I thought, “Oh no, I wonder where?” Usually this means a correction for the world.

He consoled me and showed me that I have to clean up for the Poor Holy Souls. During this whole vision I could feel the presence of Our Blessed Mother in the beautiful white house. She never came out.