4 JANUARY, 2012

I would like to describe my experience with Baby Jesus. Nearly every December I go through a lot of suffering for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. My suffering is both physical and spiritual. Then I was given a beautiful surprise, that was totally unexpected.

The angel appeared to me and said, “I want you to come with me.” We walked together and all of a sudden we found ourselves in Heaven. There I saw our Blessed Mother, who was sitting on a little bench, with other Saints and angels gathering around her, listening to what she was telling them. As she saw me enter she greeted me with a smile. The angel said to me, “wait here”. I was in a beautiful place, like a building, very peaceful and serene and full of love. The saints, both men and women, were moving around and talking to our Blessed Mother. In my heart I was thinking, the Blessed Mother is here but where is Baby Jesus because it was Christmas time. One of the Saints went through a door to another part of the building. I didn’t know what he was doing until he came out again with Baby Jesus in his arms.

The Saint came forward holding Baby Jesus. We all moved and gathered around Baby Jesus admiring Him, thinking how beautiful and Holy a Child He is. Baby Jesus was dressed in a pure, white long garment like a white lily.

The Saint then said, “Who among all of you is worthy to hold Baby Jesus?” I was thinking to myself, “Not me”. The Saint asked several times but nobody answered until finally they all answered together, “Yes, Valentina is worthy to hold Baby Jesus.” The saint then looked at me and said, “Stretch out your arms” and then he placed Baby Jesus in my arms.

Baby Jesus was very alert. He was smiling and very cheerful. He spoke to me in a very mature voice, “Valentina My child, since so many people are sick in the world and ask you for prayers, give them hope. Tell them that I am willing to help each one of them if they would just ask Me.”

In my heart I felt so happy, so much goodness is in Our Lord, always thinking of others. He said, “Tell them not to be afraid, I am a God of goodness and kindness. I want to help My people. Each one of them I will personally touch to help and heal them. He then placed His Baby Hand on my arm showing me how He will touch others who ask for His help. He wants people to not be afraid. He is full of grace and love that He wants to give to the world. He is all for others and nothing for Himself. All of a sudden the Angel brought me home. I was in my room again, praying, praising and thinking of God. I was so happy and thanking God for being so good to me and others. My hands were still outstretched glorifying Baby Jesus Who had just been in my arms.