22 March 2018

Souls released from deep and dark Purgatory


This morning during my prayers I offered to our Blessed Mother a decade of the Rosary for her intentions.

During the prayers, Blessed Mother appeared as the Rosa Mystica. In her right hand she was holding a sceptre. Beside her, our Lord Jesus appeared, standing, wearing a long deep purple-red robe. During this vision our Lord Jesus did not speak to me but allowed His Blessed Mother to do so.

Blessed Mother said, “My daughter, I will show you something that you have not experienced before.”

She then turned her head gazed towards the ground. Suddenly a large aluminium grate, as you would find in a street gutter used for drainage, appeared in front of us. It was about a metre in width and length.

As Blessed Mother was pointing at the grate with her sceptre, I was thinking to myself, “What is Blessed Mother doing?”

Suddenly, I could see many hands popping up through the grates. I began to hear many desperate voices, lamenting and crying, “Get us out of here! Get us out of here!” They were begging for help.

As I was observing all of this, I watched Blessed Mother move her sceptre towards the desperate hands coming out from the grates, then very gently, with the sceptre, started pushing the hands back in.

I sensed that the souls trapped under this grate, were in a very deep, dark place. The gutter grate represents the prison these souls were in. They were completely closed inside, like being in a dungeon, where there was no way out.

Blessed Mother said, “We are showing you this vision so that you can help these souls. They have been in deep darkness for centuries. Now is the time.  We are showing them to you so that you can help them to be released. They have served their penance.”

I sensed in my heart, that these souls had done their penance, and the time had come for their release. Blessed Mother explained that during their life on earth, they committed the most terrible offences against God. Since their offences were so great, no prayer could touch them or help them. They had to be purified through their own suffering.

Many times our Lord revealed to me that when souls are in such a deep, dark Purgatory, they were very close to Hell. It is only through God’s mercy that they were saved from eternal damnation.

Later on that morning, I went to church to attend Holy Mass, which also happened to be the funeral mass for a lady who was a friend of mine.

As soon as I knelt down, I said, “Lord, I bring You all the souls that were shown to me this morning, all the souls that were kept in deep, deep, darkness for centuries. Now I open the grates and I release all of the souls to freedom. Lord, have mercy on all these souls that offended You during their life on earth. I ask You for pardon and mercy. Please Lord, wash them with your Precious Blood, so that they are pure and clean, so that they will be worthy of your Heavenly Kingdom.”

As I was saying this pray to our Lord, and pleading for mercy for these souls, I could see myself, with such a powerful force and authority, which only comes from God, lift open the grates and release the souls.

Many times our Lord said to me, “Whatever you offer Me and ask Me, I can never refuse and say no. I accept it.”

After the grates were opened and the souls released, I could see them standing in front of the Altar. They looked very confused and frightened, because suddenly they found themselves in unfamiliar surroundings, after being imprisoned for so long. Most of them were men and were very poorly dressed.

The funeral Mass was very simple and very beautiful. As the Mass proceeded, during the offering of the bread and wine, in the sacrifice of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist which becomes the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, the souls standing at the foot of the Altar were sprinkled with the Precious Blood. They were purified and raised up to our Lord, and in an instant they just vanished.

Later, our Lord thanked me for offering these souls to Him.

He said, “Thank you My child for what you have done and for obeying Me. I give you authority and today was the day that their liberation had come.”

The souls could not see our Lord, until they reached Heaven. As much as their desire is so powerful and so strong to see our Lord, until they are completely purified, they cannot see our Lord. They only see our Blessed Mother.

We have to try to live a decent and good life while here on earth, so that we can avoid the suffering in a deep and dark Purgatory. This message was given to me by our Lord on 15 February 2018.