22nd January

Our Lord Jesus came to me while I was praying and said, “I come to tell you my child about things that are happening and things that will happen soon. All over the world in many countries soldiers are preparing, performing manoeuvres and training daily for the battle that they will fight soon. They are obeying their leaders who follow satan. He tells them to be ready for the battle. The soldiers don’t understand. They are very confused. Oh yes, My children satan their leader are preparing them to do the dirty work for him through the leaders of the various countries in the world and it will happen soon. While the battle is on in many countries, worst things are happening everywhere.

In some places in the world there will be devastating disasters with heavy rain and the rising of the sea level and there will be too much water which will cover many cities and countries which will vanish completely. While in other parts of the world there will be no water at all. There will be tremendous suffering but My children you are not ready for all this.

You think so little about prayer. I am talking to my prophets throughout the world, but so little notice has been given to them. People do not want to believe. I have been preparing for you for a long time for these events, but now they are here My children. Do not be afraid to speak about my messages Valentina. The time is very short, people must build up a strong faith. I am with you and I will help you. But you must do your part. Your Lord Jesus.”

Blessed Mother then spoke, “My children listen to my Son, He loves you and We do care for you, but you do not listen. I cry for all of you. People do not realise that events will take place soon, pray My children, pray unceasingly. I love you very much and I will protect you, come to Me, come to My refuge, come to My Immaculate Heart. I love you.

I answered, “Thankyou my Lord Jesus. Thankyou Holy Mother. Please help us and protect us.”