30th January

Blessed Mother came to me while I was praying. She said, “My Son gives each a different teaching and different gifts. For instance, you Valentina are very compassionate towards people and your prayers are very sincere and this pleases my Son very much. When you talk to people you open yourself so beautifully, you explain the word of God so clearly and when you praise my Son, you make Him so happy.” The Blessed Mother was looking at me and she too was very joyful.

The I asked, “Blessed Mother, when is your Son Lord Jesus coming? Look at the suffering of the people here on earth. They are pleading and calling to Him. When will He do something about all this suffering?” She replied, “My Son hears your calls and knows all about your suffering, but God allows all these things to happen, like sickness and different suffering, for the sins committed. Every house and family on tis planet is living in sin. Pray my children, pray everyday, pray in-groups, go to Mass, pray together in the Churches. Pray for priests, they need so much prayer everyday. Join together and pray for the world. Encourage one another to go to Mass. Mass is the most powerful above everything and the atonement for sin against God. For instance if you offer a Mass for a person’s conversion, or for a different intention like healing etc, at the moment that my Son is truly present on the alter during the Mass, the sins just fall off that person, both on the left and the right side. You my children do not know the value of the Mass. Try to encourage one another to go to Mass, if you can, on a daily basis. In is dirt that stains your soul, I compare it to when you wash your dishes and when you finish you let the water out. But the stain remains all around until you wash I with soap. Sin is the same. Until you confess the stain is there in your soul.”

Then she said, “My Son is coming very soon to heal you all. He will come to heal your bodies and your souls.” I answered, “Thank you Blessed Mother for explaining these things and teaching us.”