22nd October, 2004

In St. Patrick’s Cathedral, while praying the Holy Rosary.

Our Lord Jesus said, “When you prayed the sorrowful mysteries as I look at you. My children, gathered in a small number here to pray, 1 rejoice to see you. Just think of My passion as I carried the cross. I carry each one of you upon it and suffer for you all to save you. How painful it was, but I continued with anguish and pain because I love you constantly. Pray a great deal for the world, for the world is sinking deeper and deeper into darkness of sin.”

“My daughter, fear not. Speak over and over of My mercy and love.
There is not much time before I will severely judge the world. They must return and repent to come to know Me. My warnings are not listened to but ignored and ridiculed by so many people, even churches don’t want to tell people, they keep silent. They don’t want the truth to offend people. So much I am sacrileged in the Eucharist and abused.”

Our Lord was very offended because we don’t attend Confession.