16th October, 2004

At home while praying this morning. Our Lord said, “My child, nothing can separate the need and trust between God and man. With his intelligence, which comes from me, he becomes proud and builds his wealth on this planet Earth. He threw away all my gifts and slowly he started to withdraw, creating a distance between My love and his. The king of evil, the devil, offers money, power and false idols to deceive you. The more you accumulate, the more harmful it is for your souls after you die. How sad I am to watch you so greedy and so proud. This world is denying the real God who loves you so much.”

“I Myself will not judge you, but My Word will judge the world and condemn your sinful deeds and it is not very distant when this will happen. Be prepared, like in Noah’s time or in Sodom and Gomorrah, but this will be worse. The people who listen and praise Me will be glad. The evil doers will perish. The world will flourish with pure life and fresh air to breathe, all pure and clean. People will praise Me and love Me in unity with holiness and tranquillity in their hearts, joining with Me, the King of Kings.”

I said, “Lord, who can go against you? You are all-powerful and mighty. Have mercy on us.”

Then Our Lord said, “Valentina, teach people of My resurrection and explain to them that I died but I rose and I am now alive.”