7th October, 2004

Today, an Angel appeared and said, “Praise the Lord and thank Him for the rain He has sent you. I tell you, this month you will have more rain, but after this, there will be no more rain. You will start to get very hot weather and heatwaves. It will be a scorching summer.”

“Thank God and praise Him. Pray that in His goodness and kindness He will be merciful to you all.”

“In every part of the world. God is offended by so many sins and evil doing, this country and this city is no different. It offends God so very much.”

“God in His kindness and love sends punishment to His people to warn them that they must change their way of life they are leading. Tell people that God sees everything, nothing is hidden from Him.”

“God can see from all directions, above and below and sideways.” He smiled and said, “People think they can cheat God, but they only cheat themselves.”

I answered, “Thankyou Lord, for sending the Angel to us, to warn us, so we can pray to ask God to be merciful to us”.