5th October, 2004

While praying my morning prayers at home. Our Lord appeared to me in a vision and said, “Peace be with you, My child. Be at peace. I know that you are wondering whether you will receive an answer from the Bishop concerning the booklet of messages you gave to him. You keep praying for him that the Holy Spirit will enlighten and touch him. I have come to tell you that he likes the Work, the words that I have spoken to you. He knows they are not from you, that they are definitely from Me. He is very happy.”

Our Lord then showed me in a vision the Bishop holding the booklet in his hand, his face looked very happy and radiant. He was saying, “We have always had prophets, before Jesus since the beginning of time, so we have them now with us too, to prophesies God’s true word. We have one now among us in our Diocese.”

Our Lord said, “Valentina, I know you would like to receive an answer from the Bishop, but don’t be sad if you don’t hear from him.”

“Valentina, half of the Bishop is good, he would like to tell everyone about all these happenings, but the other half won’t let him because of those he has gathered around him would have the opposite attitude and would not accept this. He is worried about what they would say.”

Our Lord then said, “Valentina, you understand now, how the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Don’t let that stop you. Continue to proclaim My word to people. You know how much I love you all and I want to save as many of you as I can.”

I said, “Thankyou, Lord and I praise you for all the graces You give me. I will not worry because You see everything and 1 know You are always with me to give me strength and courage to carry on.”