23 March 2018

This House is a House of Prayer


During the night I found it very difficult to sleep so I decided to keep praying. I repeated the Creed and the Our Father prayer and then I thought I would pray the Rosary. I could not understand why I could not fall asleep.

Suddenly our Lord Jesus appeared. He greeted me and said, “I Am sorry My child that you cannot sleep. I am preparing you to reveal something to you that you did not know before. Come with Me, My child and I will show you and reveal the reason why.”

Suddenly I found myself with our Lord Jesus in the house of my friend N. I recognised her house straight away. I started to worry and I thought to myself, “Why N.’s house? What is this all about and what is going to happen?”

Our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary stood in the middle of the living room and I along with Them.

Suddenly, the appearance of our Lord and Blessed Mother changed to one of great sadness. They both spoke and said, “We have to tell you all about how sad and sorrowful We feel when N. invited this group of people to come to her house to make the TV cooking show to help her sister and her sister’s daughter win the cooking competition.”

They continued, “What N. did not know is that these people and the media photographers brought to this house so much evil. I tell you they were all atheists. It was total darkness and very chilly. My mother and I were pushed to the corner and nobody wanted Us.”

Jesus said, “My Mother was sitting on a chilly rock shivering from the cold. She had to cover her lap with a shawl to keep warm.”

They showed me in a vision our Blessed Mother sitting on this rock, hunched over and shivering in the cold. She was so sad that she was crying.

Jesus and Blessed Mother then said, “This means that we were not wanted.”

Our Lord said, “I Am so upset because this house is a house of prayer. It is consecrated to Us, Jesus and Mary. Valentina, My child, I want you to know how happy we were when Our daughter N. opened the door to Us with her heart and with all her love and invited Us to her house. That means her house belonged to us a long time ago. She did that so beautifully. She is so full of love towards others. Nothing is too hard for her, to give a helping hand. She goes to Mass and prayers, she is fulfilling My Will every day and praying for everybody.”

“We love her so dearly, but I have to tell you she has a lot of enemies, even in her own family. They wish bad on her, but tell her not to worry, that I say so, no-one can harm her because We protect her and guard her all the time. Tell her to remain faithful to Us and to trust Us. Tell N., that I, the Lord Jesus and My Beloved Mother wish that as soon as possible if she can get a good priest to bless her house. The house is desecrated and has to be purified. N.’s house is also a safe refuge for when the time comes. She needs to do all this right away to be protected and to be ready as soon as possible. Her house will be a safe haven for people.”

“Tell N. to be courageous and that We love her and bless her in a very special way in the Name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Ghost.” Jesus made the Sign of the Cross with His Hand.

I was so sad for our Lord and our Blessed Mother when they revealed all this to me. How sensitive and hurt They are and I could feel in me how offended They are when people reject Them.

We don’t think about what people, that we invite into our homes can bring with them, the bad consequences.

The angel told me that when we are not sure about something it is best to ask our Lord and place in His Holy Hands and wait for His answer. He will give you an answer maybe right away, the next day or maybe in three days. If you feel good in your heart then you know our Lord is happy with your decision. If you feel unsettled then He is not.

This message was given to me on 23 February 2018.