24 January 2024

Humanity Ignores What is Coming to the World

In the morning, while I was praying, the Angel came. He said, “Come with me.”

Suddenly, we found ourselves in Purgatory and visited many groups of souls. The Angel would be with me, but I would talk to the souls and give them encouragement. I would also do a lot of cleaning for them. That represents cleaning for their sins because they cannot help themselves. This helps them be raised up to go closer to Heaven.

Suddenly, a very nice gentleman appeared. He was a priest. He said, “Valentina, would you prepare a nice meal for me? I am so hungry. I have been waiting and waiting, and nobody has helped me.”

I turned around and said to him, “Would you like me to cook something for you?”

He said, “Oh yes, please. You cook very tasty meals!”

I thought, ‘Oh my goodness, he must be watching me while I am cooking.’

Hunger represents that the soul hungers for our prayers such as the Holy Rosary, the Litanies, and Holy Mass offerings and for our personal sufferings to be offered for them.

I asked him, “But what have you done that you are rejected here?”

He lamented to me and said, “In so many ways, I offended our Lord by not speaking the truth in church, not speaking about repentance or confession. So I neglected all those things. I was more afraid of offending people than offending God. I didn’t know that it offends our Lord so much.”

For every priest, it is their duty to speak about these things and to speak the truth in the church, to save a soul,” he said.

Then the Angel interrupted me and said, “Come with me. Our Lord wants to see us.”

I understood our Lord doesn’t want the souls to be too comfortable. They have to suffer for their sins and pay their debts. While the Angel and I are in their presence, they do not suffer as much.

Suddenly, we found ourselves among the Saints in Heaven. There were many groups of Saints, and angels were present.

One particular group talked amongst themselves and with the angels, and they said, “Humanity does not recognize the evil power and darkness that is now in the world, which blinds the people. They are disobedient. They don’t care about anything. They keep ignoring it. They go about their lives as though everything is normal.”

“In three to four months, it will become so bad in the world that people will say, “This is not the world that we used to know. It is totally different.”

“The economy will go down, and everything else will collapse,” they said.

The Angel brought me to Heaven because our Lord wants me to hear what is going to happen in the world in the near future.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on the world.