25 January 2024

The Sorrow of Baby Jesus

This morning, when I was praying the Angelus, Blessed Mother came with little Baby Jesus in her arms. She said, “I come with my Son because I know how much you love Him, and I want you to console Him.”

I said to Blessed Mother, “Oh, how beautiful is Baby Jesus!”

Then she placed Him in my arms. I was admiring Him and adoring Him. He had such beautiful, rosy, and chubby cheeks.

Blessed Mary, our Mother, lamented, “I keep offering my Son to humanity, but they keep ignoring Him and rejecting Him completely.”

Suddenly, I noticed Baby Jesus change. His Holy Face became very pale and started to bleed. I was so worried I said, “Blessed Mother, why is Baby Jesus bleeding? Did He hurt Himself?”

She said, “No, my daughter! The people cause my Son so much pain that His Sacred Heart is bleeding of sorrow because they reject Him.”

Blessed Mother was so sorrowful and drawn that she could barely keep back the tears from her eyes. She was so overcome with sorrow that she could hardly speak the words.

She said, “Valentina, talk to people and tell them to stop offending my Son.”

It has come to the point that our Lord is so offended that He can’t take it anymore.