30 January 2024

The World is Like Sodom and Gomorrah

Early this morning, I started praying the Creed to start the Holy Rosary. During the prayer, our Lord Jesus visited me.

He said, “I come to tell you, My child Valentina, that Sodom and Gomorrah will happen. It will spread all over the world. Not only in one part of the world but all over.”

“For the time being, I have pushed it aside (the punishment), but it will happen,” He repeated.

He said, “But now I will explain to you why it will happen. Because the world is now so sinful that it had never been in the past like it is now. The world now is in total darkness. All My Commandments are now totally broken and ignored, and that offends God so much that He can no longer watch anymore.”

He said, “Pray and tell people to repent of their sins before all this happens.”

Our Lord Jesus showed me the globe of the world. Around the globe, I could see a lining of white and then a blue colour above the white. It was very beautiful, similar to an aura surrounding the earth, but inside, the world, it is in darkness.

Our Lord’s Love and Mercy, for the time being, has put this horrible disaster right to the edge of the world, to one side, but only for a short time.

Maybe if people convert and change He will not permit this severe punishment to happen.