24th July

Early in the morning while I was praying, the Holy Family appeared to me. The Blessed Mother with the Infant Jesus and St. Joseph.

Our Blessed Mother was smiling as she said, “My Son knows how much you love Him, that is why He wants to come to you as a little baby.”

Blessed Mother let me nurse the Holy Child. He was so happy. Then, as at other times. He surprised me. He started to speak as a grown man.

He said, “Thankyou for defending Me when you see people with the wrong opinion of Me, because there is so much falsehood even among good people. They go to church and still do wrong. The evil is very powerful in the midst of people. You know, Valentina, that I will judge the people in the world very soon. Everyone will fear My Justice. They will know that I exist. The world denies Me now and offends Me too much.”

I didn’t understand whether this will be the end of times or the final judgement.

Then Our Little Lord Infant Child said to me, “I bless you.” He put His Holy hands on my head and I bowed my head. I felt at this moment strong adult hands blessing me, and a beautiful feeling of peace and joy passed over me. Then Our Lord said, “Pass this blessing I give you to others.”

Then I looked at Our Blessed Mother and I embraced Her, and with gratitude I said, “My beautiful Mother, I thank you for giving us Your Son Jesus Our Saviour.”

She smiled and replied, “Thankyou, my child, that you recognise this and you also make me very happy. Others don’t understand.”

While we were talking, I looked once more at the Baby Jesus. I noticed that He now had a little white bonnet on His head, pulled down over His eyes. I said to the Blessed Mother, “Look, the Baby Jesus is all covered up.”

She replied, “Now He is in a mood to play with you.”

I wanted to lift it up, but He pulled it down again and started laughing, and He put another bonnet over His head and then He put one on my head. All the while He was laughing and playing. He giggled and I could not stop laughing. It was such a beautiful feeling, playing with Baby Jesus.
I was on top of the world, and said to Blessed Mary Our Mother, “Our Lord is so little, and He knows even how to play a joke (Peek-a-boo).

Mary Most Holy said, “He likes to play with you because it makes Him happy.”

I asked Our Blessed Mother, “Was Our Lord, Your Son, when He was a baby on earth, always talking like this to you?”

“Yes”, She told me. I asked, “Were you surprised?” “No,” She smiled and said, “You must know He is God and He can do anything He wants.”

Then St. Joseph picked up the Holy Child in his arms, and He fell asleep, secure with His guardian. That was the feeling seeing this gave me. They smiled and then departed.

I said, “Thankyou Baby Jesus, I love you. Thankyou Holy Family. My Mother Mary, thankyou and St. Joseph, I love you.”