20th July

Message 1:

I was so sad after my grandchildren had left. When in the church after Mass, Our Lord Jesus said to me, “Be happy in My Holy Presence. Offer Me all your sadness and troubles. By doing this you will also console Me for all the many offences I receive. Enter into My Sacred Heart, and there you will find peace, my child.”

Message 2:

“Valentina, my child of My Sacred Heart, seek through meaning in life and look for treasure only in the next life which will last forever. Whatever is here in this world can only deceive you and can only last for a short time. Tell all my faithful to do My will and trust only Me and My Beloved Mother. She always prays for all her children. Allow Her to guide you through this confused and corrupt life. Cling to Her always for She knows all your sufferings.”

I replied, “Jesus and Mother Mary, we love you.” By asking for others. Our Lord told me, they will benefit and receive graces from Our Lord as well.