17th July

Whilst saying the Angelus, God the Father said, “My daughter I will reveal Myself through you to others. More and more they will know me. Speak about My infinite Mercy and Love that will last forever. They do not have to do much to know their Father on Heaven, who loves them so much. I only desire that they come with a sincere heart and I will do the rest.

In simplicity, my children, come to Me. Do not be afraid. My love burns for all of my children. How I wish that you listen to My voice which speaks through my little prophets. Be obedient to my voice. How many blessings I pour on earth everyday, but my children you are not aware of this. You simply refuse my graces, which echo, back to me.

Thank Me for all that I give you, even for your life, which is a gift from Me. Recognise that the times in which you live are very tense and that soon I will change all that. You will be sorry for not obeying me. Everywhere in the world signs are given, earthquakes, floods, and devastating hurricanes will be happening more frequently. Also droughts, which are happening already even in this country, Australia. Tell people to recognise these signs and that the times in which you live are given to people to change their way of life and return to M, their Father, who loves them so much.

I do not want to punish you my children, but to wake you from your sleep. I mean that you must come to know me quickly and not offend me but to change your lives to live a good and decent life. I your Father will bless you and pour abundant graces here on earth and in the next life with me in heaven forever in eternity. Valentina, tell people to pray and to listen to My Holy warnings and to take them seriously. I bless you my children and love you.”

God is always is giving us hope if we listen to his words. I responded, “Lord, I thankyou.”