5th July, 2002

This morning while praying, I had a most beautiful vision. Some Angels came into my bedroom, filling the room. Two Angels came forward and said, “Today is the day when you are worthy to see Our Lord Jesus, the Saviour, when He came into this world and was born of the Virgin Mother of God. Praise Him, glorify Him and be glad for He came to this world to save you all. Give praise and thanks for the King is born in a humble stable.”

The next minute, I experienced the Lord’s beautiful vision elevated above me. I could see the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph and many Angels filling the stable. Holy Mary was preparing and trying to clean the stable in preparation for the Baby to be born.

I saw St. Joseph preparing the manger to make a cradle, placing it in the centre and putting straw into it. Mary came over and placed a square of white linen over the straw.

St. Joseph moved away, and then two Angels flew to Mary and helped her with the preparation, then returned to the other Angels. Each time Mary needed help they would fly back to assist her. One Angel was dressed in white, the other in blue.

When the time came. Holy Mary, moved closer to the Angels. The Angel said to me, “Pay attention, the time has come for the Saviour to be born.”

Mary was standing and the two Angels moved to her. I could see her from the back, a blue light, bright but opaque in appearance, surrounded her from the waist down. The two special Angels were in front of Mary and then they were holding the Holy Child in their hands, clean and beautiful. The Blessed Mother held out a square of white linen in her hands and they wrapped Jesus in it, and then placed Him in His Mother’s arms. She looked at Him, hugging and kissing Him and St. Joseph came over and gazed at the Baby over Mary’s shoulder, both adoring Him.

Then they walked over and placed Him in the manger and then they both knelt down, one on each side of the cradle, worshipping Him.

The Angels were singing praises with an indescribable, beautiful melody. The words they used were in Latin. The vision of joy and music overwhelmed me.

Then suddenly, the Heavenly vision faded and what I could see was the stable with the ox and donkey and the little fire. Mary and Joseph still on each side of the cradle. 1 noticed that Mary lifted the edge of her veil to wipe a tear from her eye.

She looked over to me and said, “See, My child, you just witnessed the way My Baby Jesus was born. Tell people what you saw because there is so much sacrilege about My virginity in the world which offends My Son so much. I want you. My children, to start preparing for Christmas during July, as a spiritual preparation. Thank and praise My Son for He is truly God and King to save you all. Praise Him and love Him.”

Gloria in Excelsis Deo.