6th January

In St Raphael’s Church.

Our Lord Jesus lamented during Holy Communion, “My child, people here and everywhere receive me full of unconfessed sin. They don’t even ask me to be merciful before the Holy Eucharist. They come as a habit, they don’t even examine their conscience or fear how it may offend me. I am so sad. Please speak to the priests and tell them to teach people to come to me pure and to confess beforehand and not to live in mortal sin. I will forgive because I am a merciful God when they ask me.”
“Today is the Feast of the Three Wise Men. It was prophesied long before I came to you and was born to this world. They shall find the true King and bring Him gifts of gold, myrrh and frankincense and present them in front of Him. They honoured me and bowed in front of me. My child, they were led by the bright star to pay homage to the Holy Child, but they also came with a humble and pure heart to see me and adore me. Nothing has changed since then. I want all my children to praise me and adore me and to come with true contrite and sincere hearts when you receive me in the Holy Eucharist.”

“Thank me, my children, for so great a gift I give you. I nourish you with my own body. If only you knew and understand and see, you would love me more, and be sorry for your sin.”

I replied, “Thankyou Lord Jesus for loving us. Have mercy on the whole world.