25 April 2021

The Good Shepherd

St Patrick’s Cathedral


During the distribution of Holy Communion, our Lord said, “Valentina, My child, take a good look and appreciate when you receive Me in Holy Communion and be grateful. Everyone receives My Holy Body in the hand, only very few on the tongue. So much I Am sacrileged and offended, most of all they receive Me without repentance.”


“My priests and My bishops, they agree and permit all of this to happen. One day, they will be responsible for not speaking the Truth to My flock, about Repentance and Confession.”


“Also, I want you to offer Me all the soldiers that died in the war, the ANZACS, in remembrance of them.”


Today, in Australia, is the remembrance day of the ANZACS that died during the wars.


Our Lord Jesus said, “They sacrificed their lives and gave their lives for their country, and I accept their suffering. I laid My life for all My sheep, to give them life and salvation.”


“My sheep, they listen and obey Me for a while, and then the worldly amusements and temptations take them away because their faith is weak. Pray for these people so that soon they will return to the Father’s House before they are lost forever. The Father is their only salvation. He gives them Light and Life.”


“Pray for them. Pray for the people so that they soon return to God Who loves them so much.”


Lord Jesus have mercy on all the soldiers who laid lives for their country.