28 April 2021

African American Boys with Gold Hair

In the morning, while I was praying, all of a sudden, I could see a vision come towards me.

It was a group of young African American boys, and they were all coming into my bedroom. There was so much light in my room coming from their hair. Five of the boys came forward, but there were many more behind them. They were in a big group, all joyfully talking amongst themselves. They were so beautiful and so happy.

I said, “Oh My God!” Their hair was completely gold! The brilliant light radiating from their hair illuminated my room. I have never experienced anything like it. They were so joyful.

The boys said to me, “Tell people not to mourn for us, but to pray for us because our Lord instantly rewarded us for the suffering we went through. We were innocent. We were killed by police in America, but instead of rioting, people should pray for them.”

As I was admiring their beautiful, thick, and curly golden hair, I was also listening to them. The boys were telling me how they had died; many of them were shot in the back, killed by guns. They all died as martyrs. They wanted to show me what our Lord Jesus had done for them.

Diverting my attention to their completely golden hair, they joyfully exclaimed, “Valentina, look at the reward we have received! We received the Golden Crown of Life in Heaven.”

I was so amazed, I said, “I have never experienced anything like this before.”

All these boys with the golden hair knew my name, and they came to me so that I would witness what our Lord Jesus had done for them. Now they are so happy.

I said, “Oh, this is beautiful.”

And then they left, smiling and so delighted with their reward from our Lord.

Thank You, my Lord Jesus, for giving them this special grace, the Golden Crown of Life.