28 April 2021

Obeying the Will of God


This message was given to Me by our Lord this morning after I prayed for my friends, two sisters, Veronique and Eileen. I prayed for them the night before and on Sunday after they had told me about money being wrongfully taken from them by a tradesman.


This morning I was in my kitchen making a cup of coffee with some toast and was just about to have a little breakfast when our Lord spoke to me.


He said, “I want you to write down what I Am about to tell you, and I want you to pass it on to Veronique as soon as you can.”


Then our Lord said, “Valentina, My child, I want you to give this message to Veronique and Eileen. Tell them that I, the Lord, have spoken. I choose Veronique to do My Will, not to raise dogs. That is against My Will.”


“I choose her to be My apostle and to help you to bring people to conversion, and to know Me. It is now very urgent that I want My children to do My Will and to obey Me.”


“I know Veronique worries how she will survive in the future with no income coming to her.”


Then our Lord spoke directly to Veronique.


He said, “I, your Father, will always provide for you and your sister. Trust Me. Your house, I choose to be a House of Prayer, not to raise dogs. I am totally against all of that.”


“I want you to make a beautiful Sanctuary for Me and My Mother. We love you very much, and you will always receive My blessings and My abundant graces that I will pour on you two.”


As our Lord was telling me this, I could definitely see Blessed Mother smiling.


He said, “Be at peace, and I, Lord Jesus, love you and bless you.”


“I, the Lord, have spoken.”


I said, “Oh Lord, how am I going to give her this message? She will not like that.”


He replied, “Tell her the Truth! It was not My Will from the very beginning to start this.”


Thank you, Lord Jesus, for this beautiful message.