25th June

Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, my child, do not ask where to go or what to do. I choose you to do my will. Go My daughter to places wherever you can, even to the end of the world. People must know Me and recognise Me before it is too late. You are all living in times when you can no longer survive without Me. I am your God and your Saviour, supreme above all beings. The times are near, very near, for my intervention, for so many are deceived by the evil one.

Tell people my love for all is beyond comprehension. I love you all. Please return to your God and Saviour of all. Do not be afraid my child. Speak the truth that I teach you and tell everyone of my infinite love. I am always with you to guide you and protect you. I am your Lord, your teacher and your God. Go in peace. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

I said, “Lord Jesus, thankyou for your Holy Words. I love you.” Before our Lord came to give this message, Blessed Mother appeared to me to prepare me. Se said, “My child you must kneel when My son is talking to you and you must write kneeling down, because My Son is so Holy.”