20th June

I was thanking Our Heavenly Father for the day and offering Him everything, when suddenly He appeared to me and said, “It pleases Me very much when you offer everything to Me and also that you trust and confide in Me. My children you must pray constantly now. This year is consecrated to Me. You must have a great desire that I will soon change this world, so that you will then be living in my Divine Will.”

Our Heavenly Father then said, “I give you this prayer so that you can recite it every day.”

My Father, Our Father, I thank You for this day and every day on behalf of myself and all your children on earth. Please Father hear our prayer and make soon, a new world, so that all will recognise You and love You as their Father and Creator of heaven and earth, and may Your will be done. We plead You hear our prayer and answer us. AMEN.”

I replied, “Thank you dear Father, we love You. Please come quickly.”