7th June

Our Lord Jesus came to me and said, “My child, write this word of mine and tell everyone how we love to be together. How we share all our secrets. How happy you are when you see me and when you don’t see me you still confide everything to me and you tell me everything. How happy you make me. I forget the troubles of the world and my sadness turns to joy and laughter. Even the Saints and Angels present laughed with me and were very happy for me. I wish if my children of this world would do the same, I would be the happiest God in Heaven. For a while they are with me but they quickly go to their worldly way and forget about me. How sad I am.”

He continued, “They do not trust in me completely, Pray, I hunger for your love! Console me and tell me you love me for others. Tell me you love me and together we will rejoice.”