3rd June

This morning during the Mass at St. Raphael’s Church, Our Lord Jesus said to me, “Today my children you celebrate My Holy Body and Precious Blood, ‘Corpus Christi!’ My children this feast is very special. It is to remind you that at the Last Supper I gave myself to my disciples to share, first with them, and then through them to all of you. At each Mass that is celebrated, I give my Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity over and over to you when you receive Me in the Eucharist. Please my child speak of my Holy Presence in the Eucharist and tell Priests not to be afraid to tell people to confess before they receive Me in Holy Communion.

How offended I am when I come to your soul which is dark, like black mud. Why My children, why do you do this to Me? Do not listen to these modem Bishops and Priests who tell you not to confess any more. They are, very wrong. My children go to the good shepherds and faithful priests. They will help you. Make a good confession, it will free you from all the guilt you carry in yourselves. My children please obey Me. A good confession is a healing process for your souls. This is the first step towards your healing. I speak in regard to sick people, very sick people. The first step is a good confession, then the healing proceeds slowly when these souls are free from all the dirt and darkness. Please obey Me. I am waiting to free you from all your sins. Your loving Lord Jesus.”

Our Lord Jesus very often laments to me about how people receive Him unworthily, without first going to confession. If we only knew the sorrow we cause Our Lord Jesus, we would do anything rather than offend Him.