26TH AUGUST, 2010

Praying this morning, our Lord Jesus appeared saying, “Peace be with you, My child.”

“My child, peace is very essential and important, you must all practice how to be peaceful. It is very sad that the world is so confused and evil, the people don’t ask for peace. They would rather fight and kill one another. You wonder why there are so many disasters in the world today.”

“My children, these are the lessons you must learn; not to hate one another but by sharing brotherly love between one another and amongst nations. These disasters will continue to come upon you until you learn that peace comes from God and not mankind. Only I can give peace.”

“Look at this nation Australia. These people cannot decide who is to govern this country. By right it should be Tony Abbott. As he is Christian and Catholic, inside the government and opposition, they do not approve of his leadership.”

“There is so much evil everywhere. Pray, My children, pray for the barrier to be broken.”

“Valentina, would you like to know what people are saying about you these days? They say Valentina’s messages are no longer on the screen.
She is not a true visionary. Since you mentioned to some people you are to see the Bishop, they think that he has told you to remove the messages. Not all your friends are truthful to you. Most of them are just curious. These I call curious children.”

“Valentina, My child, tell them you are My true prophet and I will make you stronger than ever. Whatever you prophesy, it will come direct from Me. How can they dismiss you when you fulfil My Will daily? By consoling Me, asking Me about all your affairs which is the right thing to

“You sacrifice your suffering which I permit you to do for all the Holy Souls and you bring them to light. That pleases Me as you bring them to the light and help them.”

“Not many realise there are those who offer themselves for the relief of Souls.”

He smiled and blessed me.

“Be at peace, My child, no one can harm you. I am always with you. Trust Me totally.”

Thankyou, my Lord Jesus. For all Your graces and teaching you give me. I love You.