5TH AUGUST, 2010

This morning the Lord appeared to me as a little child with a white lily in His hand. Beside Him was a brown stand, about 150cm high, with a gold chalice fixed to the top.

He told me, “Put your finger in and bless yourself like you do in church.” So I obeyed, thinking it contained Holy Water but it turned out to be Oil of Chrism.

Then our Lord said, “Now bless yourself the same way you bless others
in My Holy Name.” I do this by making the sign of the cross on the forehead with my thumb.

Our Lord was watching me and smiling. Holy Mary was standing behind our Lord. He then placed the lily beside Her, and then went into Her arms.

I didn’t understand why I was blessed with the Holy Oil. Maybe He did it because I was unwell after suffering for the Holy Souls.

That day at Mass, our Lord said to me, “You are My chosen one, whom I anoint. I am very pleased with you. You belong to Me. Thank Me and love Me. Whatever you do and whatever you know comes from Me.”

He smiled and said, “See how joyful you are in My Holy Presence. You swim like a fish around Me, round and round, you never want to depart from Me. I wish all My children were the same. Instead they come to Me for a while but they are distracted by worldly things, and they are stuck to the mud which weighs them down. How sad I am to see all that.”

Our Lord Jesus wants us to be more free of worldly things. Mud is the sin which weighs us down because we don’t confess often. He wants His children to be more spiritually united with Him and tell Him how much we love Him everyday and trust in Him.

Lord let Thy Beautiful Presence be always with us.