In the morning while preparing to attend church, a vision of an Angel and
a young Saint came to me.

He said, “I am St Stephen. Today you have the grace to meet me.”

In his hand he held a long handle connected to an ornate silver box which had two wheels at the front and one on the other side. The box which stood about a metre long and a half a metre wide was enclosed in a crystal glass cover, shining bright.

He explained, “Within this box is contained future prophecies. One of
them inside is for you, Valentina.”

He continued, “The world is in a very bad state. The people are disobedient toward the Commandments of God and offend Him greatly but all prophecies will be fulfilled and God will create a better world. Don’t lose hope. Trust in our Lord, Jesus Christ.”

St Stephen also said that Korea and Iran are a great danger to the world.

“Tell people to pray, pray, pray.” Pray more, that way God can stop this dangerous act of war.