I was given a vision of a Nativity scene. Our Lady appeared with our Lord Jesus in Her arms. She was clothed as a Queen. Her dress was shining gold. St Joseph stood beside them. Our Lord turned towards the congregation holding His hand up in blessing with two fingers raised. He appeared to be about six months of age.

He spoke, “I come to give a special blessing on this Holy day. Special Blessings I bring to My people, giving the grace of peace from Christmas Eve through to Christmas Day.”

“My Angels and Saints are rejoicing and praising their King. This gift of peace will only last through this short time, but in the new era, I shall make all new and this peace will last always.”

Our Lady spoke, “What you experience and the way you feel and love Us, you must tell others about Us and what you see. Then they will know about Us and they will praise My Son who came from Heaven to redeem His people.”

The Angels surrounding this scene sang;

“Praise and sing a canticle,

Glory in Excelsis Deo to the Most High.”

The Angel said, “Praise and give thanks to our Lord that He has done all this for His people.”